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Many people are hesitant to meet with a financial advisor because they worry about the costs involved. At E.P. Wayne Financial Group, we want to assure clients and prospective clients that there is no cost to meet with us. All consultations and communications are free of any charge  During these conversations, we'll discuss your financial goals, concerns, and aspirations. This allows us to get to know you,  understand your situation and provide feedback. See our process to learn more about how we work.

If we decide to move forward and work together, it is normal to wonder about commissions or fees. Our compensation structure can be: commission-based, fee-based or a combination of the two.

In a commission-based account, we earn a fee or commission upon the execution of certain trades or when a client purchases specific financial products. Alternatively, in a fee-based account there are no transactional commissions. We are compensated a percentage based on the amount of assets under management in the account.  We feel that both account options can provide value and believe in the importance of our clients having the ability to choose.

Furthermore, our role isn't just about managing investments. We provide comprehensive financial planning which includes retirement planning, tax optimization, estate planning, and more. By helping our clients make informed decisions in these areas, we aim to maximize client wealth and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Commission-Based Accounts

Also known as traditional brokerage accounts. This option may be more appropriate for accounts implementing a "buy and hold" strategy or might not require high frequency investment oversight and rebalancing across different asset types. A traditional brokerage account could also be more suitable for accounts with conservative, cash alternative objectives where money market funds, brokered CD's or ultra short bond funds are likely appropriate as they are conservative in nature and typically offer investors access free of transactional commissions.

It's important to note that while traditional brokerage accounts can offer a wide range of investment options, advisors and brokerage firms are compensated through commissions based on the transactions executed in a traditional brokerage account. It is also important to remain aware of potential conflicts of interests that may arise due to the commission structure associated with these accounts. Always ensure that your advisor acts in your best interests and fully discloses any fee or commission associated with your account before any investment decision is made.

Please contact us if we can help in determining whether a traditional brokerage investment account makes the most sense for you.

Fee-Based Accounts

Also known as advisory accounts. This option may be more appropriate for accounts that could benefit from unique investment allocations where rebalancing strategies across different investment vehicles and asset classes might be implemented. Investment vehicles include, but are not limited to mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual stocks, bonds and money market funds.

An advisory investment account involves advisors providing guidance and managing investments on a client's behalf for a predetermined fee. Fees are typically determined by the account's total assets and investment objective. 

For reference, this is our general advisory account fee based on account size:

Account Assets  -  Account Fee

$0 - $99,999  1.09 %

$100,000 - $249,999  0.99 %

$250,000 - $499,999  0.89 %

$500,000 - $999,999  0.7 %

$1,000,0000 - $1,999,999  -  0.49 %

$2,000,000 - $4,999,999  -  0.39 %

$5,000,000 +  - 0.29 %

It is essential to emphasize the benefits of an advisory investment account, such as personalized guidance, transparency, and a fiduciary duty to act in the client's best interests. This helps differentiate it from traditional brokerage accounts and highlights the focus on providing comprehensive financial advice.

Please contact us to learn more about your advisory account options at E.P. Wayne Financial Group or if we can help by providing a second opinion on your existing investment accounts.