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Ed Peagler - E.P. Wayne Financial Group

Ed Peagler - E.P. Wayne Financial Group

(803) 569 6977

Founded in 2017, E.P. Wayne Financial Group is a Columbia based investment management and financial services firm. We offer professional financial advice and services for individuals, families and businesses. We are set out to redefine the advisor-client relationship and emphasize quality of service over quantity of clients.

How we're different...

1. Our Independence:  We take pride in being independent advisors that are not bound to any family of funds, investment products or services.

2. Our Technology:  We utilize state of the art financial planning and reporting software while relying on enhanced technology in the creation and maintenance of each client account. We offer timely market insights and provide our clients with around the clock account access through our online Account View 2.0 website and mobile application.

3. Our Availability:  Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Forest Acres, but we are not jailed to it. We are willing to meet when and where it is convenient for our clients.

4. Our Relationships:  We work professionally and communicate personally. We want to know what is important to our clients, understand their unique situations and let them know what we'd do if it were us.

If you've gotten this far and think we might be a good fit, give us a call or stop by. We're never too busy to see if we can help you or someone that you care about.